Frequently Asked Questions


What are 2D, 3D and 4D Ultrasound ?

2D is the most common classic ultrasound creates a black and white image. 3D is three dimensional ultrasound that shows clear features of face, body, hands and legs. You can see that baby has got dad's nose and mom's lips. 4D is nothing but 3D picture with the live movements and it captures in video format.

How Do I Book my Ultrasound?

Please send us an email at book online at or call us at 639 590 8810 / 306 721 1081.

How to prepare for 3d-4D Ultrasound?

In order to get good images client should take adequate amount of water (32 ounces /day) for the one-two weeks prior to your appointment. On the of scan you should be full bladder before the procedure.

Will I Get Any Information Or Medical Diagnosis After My 2D,3D&4D Ultrasound Appointment?

Unfortunately, NO, due to regulations and laws we are not able to provide our clients with medical diagnosis. Our scans 2D,3D&4D will only be for keepsake/entertainment purposes. Your physician will be ordering everything you need to ensure you and your baby are safe and healthy!

What Week Is Best For A 2D,3D &4D Ultrasound?

You can view your baby at a 2D,3D/4D ultrasound appointment starting at 8 weeks, there are optimal times for a visit, depending on what you’d like to see. At 8 weeks, the baby is still extremely small, and no facial features or limbs are visible. However, one can hear the heartbeat and see some movements of the baby. As the baby grows we tend to see more. For facial images, you could get an appointment starting at 18 weeks. However, the absolute best time for 2D,3D&4D ultrasound would be around 24-29 weeks, as this is the time when the baby is well developed and still has enough fluid around the face which makes the 3D/4D work well. After 30 weeks, the baby might get too big with less fluid around, and cover the face more. Gender can be determined at our studio starting at 18-20 weeks.

What can I do to ensure the best pictures of my baby?

We recommend that all pregnant mothers continuously hydrate by drinking plenty of water at least for 2-3 days straight prior to coming in for your session. This will help to ensure your amniotic fluid is clear as well as full. We have found that hydration improves the clarity of your 3D ultrasound photos significantly. All mothers should try to pay attention to what wakes your baby, and do that on the day of your3D/4D ultrasound. For some mothers this means eating a meal, a few chocolate pieces, or having some fruit juice! Do whatever works for you and your baby so we can see their cute little faces awake and in the mood to play! We encourage you to enjoy the fun and some of the funny positions your baby prefers rather than holding out for that perfect picture. We have observed at times even when parents are seeing beautiful pictures of their baby’s face, they are still hoping for more, like seeing the baby awake with eyes open and moving. Even though he/she is sleeping, the baby may still yawn, stretch, suck its thumb or toe, and even stick out its tongue. Please remember to remove any belly rings prior to any ultrasound done. 3D/4D ultrasound probes are specially designed with crystals and should never come into contact with metal. Finally, if possible, wear comfortable clothing that allows you to fully enjoy this experience.

When should I book an appointment?

You should try to schedule your appointment at least 1 week in advance and always after the anomaly scan conducted/prescribed by your doctor physician.

Can Too Many Ultrasounds Harm The Baby?

While no evidence exists that ultrasounds are harmful, essentially we don’t know what we don’t know. Most of the time, these would be very short sessions, so chances of any harm are extremely low .While ultrasounds are very safe, we always discourage frequent visits if not necessary. Some of our clients tend to get very anxious, especially during the early stages, and the ultrasound tends to make them feel better.In fact, if medically necessary, women might get an ultrasound every week by doctor’s orders, because they are considered extremely safe among medical procedures. However as with anything, moderation is recommended

How long does the 2D,3D/4D session take?

It depends which package you have selected. Routinely we schedule almost a full hour for all of our sessions and the ultrasound itself will last about 20 minutes. The second half hour will be used to choose the pictures of your baby you would like to print, saving the files, etc.

Will I always get beautiful images of my baby?

Usually, but not always will the customer receive perfect pictures and/or videos. Sometimes if the baby is persistently looking down or toward your spine it may be difficult to see the baby’s face. Other factors such as the baby facing the placenta, lack of amniotic fluid in front of the baby’s face, etc. may affect the quality of the images. Initially, sonographer will try repositioning the mother, asking her to turn on her left or right side and/or to go for a walk. This is done in order to obtain a better position in acquiring better images. If we are unable to obtain any images during the session, we may repeat the session free of charge a weekday as deemed appropriate by the sonographer. This allows time for the baby to turn to a favorable position. We make no promises that the images will be similar to those you might have seen, or that we can always meet everyone’s expectations. Every baby scans differently depending on its gestational age, body position, amount of fluid, and mother’s condition and body habitus. See Your Baby will try to make every effort to obtain the best possible images and videos.

Can you guarantee I will get a good photo?

At See Your Baby we make every effort to obtain the best possible images but things like baby’s position, placental location, volume of amniotic fluid, maternal size, and whether there are structures obscuring visibility of areas being imaged (hands/legs over the face) can sometimes prevent us from getting a perfect shot if baby’s face. However, you will still get plenty of other adorable shots!

Is gender determination accurate?

We recommend scheduling your gender determination appointment at or after 18-20 weeks.. We cannot guarantee with 100% assurance the gender of your baby, nor can we be held liable in any way for an incorrect gender determination.

What happens if baby's gender can not be determined during my appointment?

See Your Baby offers baby gender determination sessions on or after the 18 weeks of pregnancy. If we can not determine baby’s gender during your appointment, we will have you come back for a rescan. There are NO additional charges for a rescan. The rescan must take place within 2 weeks of the initial appointment date and must be during weekends only at day time slots (Sat-Sunday 10 AM-6PM). The appointment will focus solely on gender determination. Clients may add extra services at an extra cost.

Is 2D&3D/4D ultrasound possible in all kinds of pregnancies?

Yes, although See Your Baby 2D&3D/ 4D services are only designed for low-risk pregnancies.

Is it possible to video record the session or to take pictures during the session?

*Taking pictures or video recording the session is not allowed for privacy terms*. If you are interested on having videos with the baby ́s activities we recommend a Package which will include them.

When should I Make Payment?

You must make the payment prior to the procedure and keep the receipt for your record. No procedure will be done without payment.

Do my procedure covered by Sakhealth or any other Insurance Company?

3D-4D Ultrasound imaging service is purely entertainment purpose therefore none of our service or package is covered by any insurance,

Do I need to bring my receipt for the next visit?

If your package has frequent visits then you must carry your receipt every session until you complete all the visits.

Are 3d and 4D Ultrasound harmful to the baby?

All types of Ultrasound including 3D and 4D are considered to be safe for both baby and mother when performed and interpreted by a trained medical professional.Extensive studies over 30 years have found that ultrasound have not shown to cause any harm to mother or baby .3D/4D ultrasound scanning use exactly the same type and intensity of ultrasound that is used in your conventional 2D scanning at your medical ultrasound appointments. 2D, 3D and 4D Ultrasound all utilize sound waves to look inside the body and the images are transmitted by the sound waves.

Can Babies Feel Ultrasound Waves?

As the name suggests, ultrasound machines use sound waves to create an image of the baby. However these are not the sound waves that can be heard by a human ear, because the frequency is much higher than what our ears can pick up. Therefore, the short answer is no. However, some research has shown that these sound waves can still be heard by the fetus, although evidence to this is not concrete. The consensus is, however, that no lasting harm is caused to the baby with an ultrasound.

How Early Can 2D Ultrasound Detect Gender?

At our studio sonographer prefer to determine the gender at 18-20 weeks of pregnancy. While some may offer to do it earlier, keep in mind that the accuracy of earlier gender determinations is much lower, and only at 18-20 weeks can one confidently determine the sex of the baby? This is because before that time, the baby is small and the external genitalia is not well visible, even with 2D ultrasound.

How Much Is A 4D Ultrasound?

Some 4D ultrasound packages are cheaper because they require a smaller time commitment on our end. Longer packages would be more expensive. While we always strive to achieve the highest satisfaction, it is important to note that we are dealing with a live person, and the baby might not cooperate all the time. Therefore, while our efforts will always remain high and committed to your complete satisfaction, image results may vary.

What is an elective ultrasound?

The purpose of elective 2D,3D & 4D prenatal sessions is to provide expectant families with pictures and videos while bonding with their unborn baby in a calm, family friendly environment. A routine ultrasound examination should have already been performed to assess the gestational age of the fetus and to evaluate for fetal anomalies as well as the basic components of fetal anatomy recommended for screening.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes, appointments are necessary for all of our services.

What is the best time during my pregnancy to perform the 2D,3D/4D ultrasound session?

If you plan on having only one 3D/4D session, we would recommend scheduling your appointment to take place between the 26th and 32th week of the pregnancy. However, cute images of your baby may be obtained after 22 weeks of pregnancy.

What payment methods do you accept and when is payment due?

See Your Baby accepts cash, debit and credit. The full payment is due on appointment day.

Can my family join us for the appointment?

As See Your Baby is a small studio and thus cannot accommodate a large amount of people to join you. We request to limit the people present to immediate family and only family members that reside in 1 household. Contact us if you are expecting to have more than 3 support people with you on session day.

What happens if I am expecting more than one baby? (twins or triplets)?

Please notify us you are expecting more than 1 baby when booking an appointment. We will need to book enough time to make sure we get each baby the coverage needed. Please note, you will be charged twice (or more depending on how many babies we are watching).

Will I be able to get baby's due date established, baby's measurements, weight prediction, position and other medical parameters checked?

See Your Baby offers non medical, non diagnostic services only. This means that no medical information regarding the baby/pregnancy can be obtained during your appointment with See Your Baby. Our services are not a substitute for a medical diagnostic ultrasound examination ordered by your health care provider.

Will I or my doctor be notified if the scan is showing any abnormalities?

Since our business is meant for entertainment purposes only, See Your Baby is legally not permitted to disclose any information regarding baby’s health or well being.

When is the best time to get a 3D and 4D scans?

Many mothers like coming in at least twice (and often more!), early on, 14-25 weeks, when they can see the baby as a whole, and then again at 25-34 weeks to see a more detailed face. Between 28 and 32 weeks, your baby develops more fat and gets a more defined face. After 34 weeks, it becomes more and more difficult to obtain good pictures since the baby is running out of room. However all babies are different and we have been successful in obtaining great images all the way up to 36 weeks.

How much will it cost?

See our packages. Please, note our Packages are NOT NEGOTIABLE and you will need to pay in full the requested session.

Do I need a prescription from my Doctor?

This is an elective ultrasound ( Non-diagnostic Non-medical ) solely for entertainment and bonding experience with the baby, so,does not require doctor prescription.

The questions listed above are the most frequently asked questions about elective 2D&3D/4D photo and video ultrasound packages. Still If you have any questions that are not answered, please email us at We will answer your questions as soon as possible.